Core Viewpoint expertise in the ICT field encompasses communication and data services, standardization for mobile and web peer-to-peer services, Big Data  semantics and transformation, smart energy solutions, renewable sources and microgrid management, social media analysis and internet of things, and more.

Service Environment for 5G and Beyond

Core Viewpoint has long-established expertise in developing service environments for communications and data applications. Core Viewpoint is well versed in network architecture for ICT and mobile core network solutions that integrate into existing operators’ networks. The service environment includes subscription management, location management, data-center and Cloud aspects, sharing platforms, collaborative platforms and multi-tenanting features.

 Big Data Tools and Network Data Distribution

Our expertise is focused on Big Data pre-processing and transformation, preparing for analytics to be performed on multiple data sources, possibly shared across different entities. Transformation procedures in a distributed  network that take advantage of latest smart edge techniques are just some of the aspects that we are involved with.


Web Communications and Identity Management

Core Viewpoint has developed knowledge in web communications working on peer-to-peer solutions that apply emerging browser-based streaming media protocols between endpoints. Such peer-to-peer services require new approaches to Internet identity management that are concerned with identity security, mutual peer authentication, privacy policy including desirable or undesirable anonymity, and independent identity claims verification.

Smart Energy

Core Viewpoint supports smart energy projects to develop metering solutions and optimization of energy resourcing from multiple sources, including renewable energy.

Standards and Regulations

We possess standardization and protocol knowledge in several technologies, including ETSI Voice standards, 3GPP standards, OneM2M and associated protocols, WebRTC IETF drafts, authentication protocols (e.g. OAuth) and more. We evaluate existing standards and propose enhancements as part of our research work, supporting members of standards developing organizations (SDOs).

 Internet-of-Things and Social Media Analysis

Core Viewpoint supports IoT projects with solutions that involve sensor networks, streaming device data and events, utilizing a variety of communication methods. In particularly, we have expertise in applying social media analysis technology to IoT captured data.

Policy, Risk, Privacy and Trust Management

Core Viewpoint has wide experience in policy, privacy and a track record of publications in these topics, which grow in importance as the dependence on web services deepens and the risks of abuse and fraud continue to rise.