Core Viewpoint provides independent research and analytic reports, project support, proposal preparations, research collaboration management and technical editorial for publishing. We undertake specialized assignments of projects and research effort in specific ICT areas.

Deep-Dive Research and Innovation

We develop innovative ideas in new research proposals ans new network solutions for introduction of latest technologies and services. We are involved in several initiatives in various fields of technologies and finance, for both public and private research projects. We lead the effort that engages teams including PhD candidates and young academics, working towards specified research goals, uncovering issues and innovative solutions that can be developed further towards products or emerging new theories.

Proposal Preparation and Consortium Leadership

We support and lead effort to prepare funding proposals for development and research in particular expertise areas. We provide not only consortium building and leading capabilities, but also deep  knowledge to develop proposal ideas and technical solutions.


Executive Training and Presentations to Senior Management

We provide training to industry and banking executives at various levels of skills, in both ICT technology and finance. We have impressive track record of senior management presentations, providing market analysis and interpretations of technology trends and thought leadership. We design, develop and deliver workshops and attract diverse audience to attend them.

Project Management, Coordination and Direction

Our project management  services include management of national and international large projects that involve complex development and distributed implementations, involving large corporate customers, and even multiple organisation collaborative projects.

Technical Edit, Paper Reviews and Documentation

We provide technical editing services to quality publishing businesses, and provide editorial articles and reviews for submitted papers. Our personnel are involved in numerous peer-reviews of academic publications.